Borley Rectory subsequent visits

We’ve been to Borley Rectory half a dozen times now. Most nights have been clear, although a couple have been windy. On one occasion Simon would not leave the car because of the evil feelings he was getting and the shadows he was frequently seeing. This didn’t stop the rest of the team. Adam and Ryan (the fearless ones), walked in the graveyard and all around the church in the pitch black. When they got to the door of the church a loud bang was heard, this sounded like a stone hitting the metal gate.

Adam in his desperation to see a ghost, walked half a mile in the pitch black up the country lane right up to the church. Although he heard things, he didn’t see anything.

One every visit there has been definite shadows, orbs and noises. We all witnessed stones being thrown at us (from behind) and the car, this was when we were facing the church. Two shadows were both seen following Adam and Ryan whilst walking in the graveyard.

Russell also saw an apparition, again of a little boy, this time ‘peeping’ out of the bushes and behind tree trunks. He also receiving messages from Rose. If you know of a spirit called Rose (or with a similar name), or witnessed a little boy, please let us know as these are not reported sightings or names at Borley.

We concentrate on the church at Borley, as the rectory has been destroyed. Although we have walked around the rectory, it would appear that all paranormal activity happens at the church. In our experience, there are both good and evil spirits roaming there simultaneously and can both be felt quite strongly. If your just starting ghost hunting or want to experience a paranormal activity, this is a great place to start.

Below is a picture taken by a mobile phone. We’re currently in the process of purchasing some new equipment, so we’ll update photos in a future post. See if you can see a face or object in the following picture.Borley Rectory Sighting Ghosts


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