Adam's All Saint's Church, Ulting, Account

As we normally do we visit the church in daylight first and my thoughts was how nice the church looked and the surroundings and how different it looked as it was right next to the river. I thought that maybe people come here by boat back in the day.

As we returned in the evening, I didn’t feel uneasy at all, as I have felt like at previous sites that we have visited. When walking around the church, I didn’t feel or see anything, but Simon and Russ began to communicate with the other side. We began to walk to all different parts of the church the team decided to use the dowsing rods. The sprit advised, by moving the dowsing rods, to move to the other graveyard, so we did. When the team were using the rods, I was sceptical, as I did not know if it was Russ or the sprit moving to rods!

On entering the second graveyard Russ offered the rods to myself. As this was the first time I had use the rods I was not sure how to use them, but it turned out to be really simple. From the start I was getting a lot of activity, which was really good for me.

As I am normally a spectator, I now felt like I was participating. We had a sprit come to us what needed help to search for a grave; after 20 minutes of looking at certain graves and asking if these was the right one we eventually found the grave that the sprit was looking for. Which gave me a feeling of relief and satisfaction.

This for me wasn’t the best place I have been on a ghost hunt but it ranks high on my list as it was the first time I experienced anything to do with the paranormal side of things.

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