2013 Brings Our Events

Over the past few months we have been flooded with requests of people wishing to join us on a ghost hunt, or specifically wanting us to run a ghost hunt at a location. Unfortunately, we wasn’t in the position to just start running them, we have taken our time and we sought advice on what was the the best way to go forward with the events. We are delighted to announce we our starting our Events this year! From the 1st January 2013 you can purchase tickets to attend an event with us.

We have many events and venues planned throughout the year. We are starting off with Harwich Redoubt Fort andThe Secret Nuclear Bunker Kelevdon Hatch. On every event two trained mediums will be present, attendees will have the chance to participate in activities such as spirit board, séances, vigils, EVP experiments and use our equipment; K2 EMF meters, ghost communicators, Dowsing rods, thermometer readers, Pendulums.

Attendees experience and thoughts are highly valued by us, therefore we have limited the number of attendees to an event.

We hope to see you on an event soon.


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