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Below you’ll find haunted places in and around around Essex with history about their spiritual activity. In most places we’ve visited, we’ve heard noises, seen orbs and sometimes even experienced physical contact or objects being moved.

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The Georgian House Hotel

Located near to London Victoria Station, The Georgian House Hotel is said to be one of London's most haunted hotels. The Georgian House Hotel is comprised of several original buildings. Over the years just one of these buildings has been the site of repeated reports of ghosts.

In 1989 the manager was showing a visitor around the hotel. There was a racket of children running, shouting and laughing and banging the fire doors. The receptionist was asked to ask the parents of these children to be quieter and more considerate. However, no guests had checked in yet that day, and there were no children staying in the hotel.

In 1991 a new member of staff needed to stay in one of the guest rooms, before moving into staff accommodation the next day. She was extremely upset with the manager the next day as she thought a copy of her room key had been given to someone else. She said that she woke up in the night to see an old man sitting at the foot of her bed. He had simply stood up and walked out of the room. However, no-one else had a copy of the key.

In 1998 decorators working in the same part of the hotel reported icy blasts of air and said that they could feel a strange presence – quite surprising for hardened builders working in July!

In 2007 a member of staff said that she heard a group of people laughing and talking in the dining room. When she investigated there was no-one in that part of the hotel at all. She remembered several similar incidents.

In 2008 the night porter heard steps going up the stairs and round the corridors. He followed to check who it was, but found no-one.

In addition to these reports there have been other examples of staff and guests who have seen, heard or felt something unusual in that building – not one in another part of the hotel.

It seems pretty certain that there are ghosts in that building, but over the years this presence has been a benign one, and a part of the welcoming atmosphere of the hotel.

Source: The Georgian House

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