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Below you’ll find haunted places in and around around Essex with history about their spiritual activity. In most places we’ve visited, we’ve heard noises, seen orbs and sometimes even experienced physical contact or objects being moved.

We often run ghost hunting events at some of the most haunted places throughout the UK. If you'd like more information visit our events page.

Beeleigh Abbey

Beeleigh Abbey is located in Maldon, Essex in England. It was built in 1180 as a monastery for the White Canons.

Beeleigh has become a site of pilgrimage as the heart of Saint Roger of Beeleigh who was a 13th century Bishop of London was buried at Beeleigh Abbey.

King Edward I and Queen Eleanor made a pilgrimage to Beeleigh and the Abbey in 1289. Even though Henry 8th ordered that a lot of monasteries and abbeys were to be destroyed, he decided to grant Beeleigh Abbey to Sir John Gate who was the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster in 1540.

The Abbey was used as a public house during the 18th century but the building started to steadily fall into ruins.The Abby was then restored byCaptain F W Grantham in 1912.

William Foyle purchased Beeleigh Abbey in 1943. Today the Abbey is used as a private home. Unfortunately it’s not open to the public.

The ghost of a hooded man has been seen standing in the corner of the James room. The figure is thought to be either that of a Monk who once lived there or that of John Gate who was executed.Poltergeist activity has also been witnessed opening the trap door and violently shaking beds.

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