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Events > The Guildhall and The Charles Burrell Museum

The Guildhall and The Charles Burrell Museum

When: August 17, 2019 from 8:00PM to August 18, 2019 1:00AM
Price: £35.00
Tickets Available: None - Fully Booked

Join us on our Ghost Hunt at the Guildhall in Thetford and The Charles Burrell Museum.


Thetford Guildhall


The present guildhall of 1903 stands on the site of a predecessor of 1680.


1799-1780 the Guildhall was almost entirely rebuilt. The previous structure was largely medieval, in black flint, with substantial additions made in the 1680s. Further alterations were proposed in 1797, but preliminary investigations revealed that parts of the existing structure were unsafe. As a result most was reconstructed, with the provision of a new council chamber and courthouse, and the building of a cupola and clock tower. Only a century later, in 1901-2, it was found that the late 18th century foundations and workmanship were also defective, and another virtual reconstruction was required.

The workhouse serving the three parishes of Thetford was situated in the basement of the guildhall until the 1760s.


The Charles Burrell Museum

From the early days Burrells were winning prizes and in 1803 were awarded a silver cup for their improved drilling machine, which could sow fertilizer along with seed. The new invention was a major step forward in the establishment of the company. 
?Many new machines were developed under James Burrell's leadership, including seed drills, harrows and rakes. Many of the designs were patented and many prizes won. James Burrell died in 1837, leaving his son Charles to take over the company at the age of 20.

As technology developed Charles perceived that steam power was the way forward. Many experiments were undertaken and finally Burrells produced their first portable steam engine. It was exhibited at The Royal Agricultural show in 1848. This engine had a locomotive type boiler mounted on four wheels, with a single cylinder engineer and a firebox with a haystack top. It was called a portable engine because horses to wherever it was needed as a power source could move it. Many were sold, furthering the name of Burrell. 
In the same year Burrells designed and built the first combined threshing and finishing machine ever to be offered to the public. 

The world's first heavy haulage engine incorporated a patent first taken out in 1845 by Mr Boydell, which was later improved in 1854. The Endless Railway, as Mr Boydell's patent was known, consisted of six flat sections bolted to each wheel, which gave it a greater service area. Charles Burrell was approached to manufacture these engines and although other engineering companies produced their own version, it is the Burrell- Boydell partnership, which is generally credited with the most success.

Charles Burrell claimed that these engines could go where there were no proper roads and performed well on muddy fields where ordinary engines would get stuck. The first engines were horse steered. A later improvement was a separate fore-carriage from which a man steered. Operation of these engines went through many trials and proved suitable for both heavy haulage and agricultural work. . 

Today, three of Charles Burrell's engines stand proud in the original Burrell paint shop.


Your ghost hunt at includes:


• Tour of the venue

• Vigils throughout the location working in small groups

• Spirit board experiments

• Use of ghost hunting equipment including Dowsing Rods & EMF Meters

• Refreshments throughout


Join Essex Ghost Hunters as we venture around these two amazing venues in search of the ghosts that haunt these venues.



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You will be joining an experienced team with at least two mediums, who rarely get information incorrect. Every ghost hunt starts with the history of the location and the group is then split into teams, you will have the chance to participate in activities like; Séances, Vigils, EVP experiments and use our equipment; K2 EMF meters, ghost communicators, Dowsing rods, thermometer readers, Pendulums.

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